Youth Substance Use Prevention & Early Intervention Strategic Initiative 

It was an honor to join everyone at the Hilton Foundation’s Annual Convening this week in Washington D.C.

Leaders from all over the country joined together to share ideas and to learn from one another. There was a consistent message of love, hope, and healing.

It is clear that more youth need to be at the table. Their voice absolutely matters. With meaningful youth engagement, we can change the landscape of prevention, policy, advocacy, and practice.

From youth driven services to adolescent health care, we must all work TOGETHER to strengthen youth engagement & discover more effective ways to address our nations addiction epidemic. Let’s all RISE to help save the lives of our next generation!

“Youth voice can change how we implement programs and systems; ensures they have services they really need and want” #hiltonconvene

“Words of caution “Resilience in the face of on-going oppression and subjugation allows systematic oppression to continue.” #HiltonConvene

“Panelist @ #HiltonConvene states clear prevention means access to healthcare so wondering how some elected officials claim opioid crisis & still work daily to defund care”

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