RISE TOGETHER is pleased to announce it has received a $100,000 from WOW- WE CARE CHARITY. Teaming up to do good for others, these funds have been in support of RISE TOGETHER’S mission to ignite a movement of HOPE that is saving lives.

Working side-by-side, RISE TOGETHER has been able to increase their impact by strengthening their comprehensive youth leadership and advocacy initiatives. Through youth programs, special events, and by growing their online community, RISE continues to develop leadership skills, assist in identifying social risk factors that perpetuate unhealthy choices, and educate data-supported strategies as students take on change projects that are fundamentally shifting the culture of schools and communities. 

 “At the beginning of the year, we set a goal to raise $100,000 for RISE TOGETHER.  The driving force behind achieving that goal was our overwhelming belief in their cause,” said Amanda Lindberg, president of WOW – We Care Charity, Inc. “We feel blessed that we were able to meet that amount through donations from WOW Logistics employees and owners, as well as fundraising events. RISE TOGETHER has grown so much as an organization in 2018, and we look forward to seeing what they can accomplish in 2019.”

She added that communities need a better way to address the challenging issues facing today’s youth, and RISE TOGETHER’s cause has been met with a lot of support from the WOW-We Care Board.

In short, WOW – We Care Charity has helped sponsor speaking engagements, support program development, and operations on a multitude of levels; in turn deepening relationships with youth and creating breathtaking social impact.

“We would not be where we are at today without WOW – We Care Charity,” said Anthony Alvarado, president and co-founder of RISE TOGETHER. “Since partnering in 2017, WOW has helped us to directly get in front of over 25,000 young people and reach millions online; helping to strengthen our partnerships with public schools and those that serve youth. Without a doubt, because of their loving support for our cause, we helped to save lives; creating a ripple effect that will last a lifetime.”

To date, RISE TOGETHER has received over $160,000 of donations from WOW- We Care Charity; an honorable example of the difference contributions can make for non-profits like RISE TOGETHER; especially when those donations help to support our next generation of leaders.

We can’t thank WOW We Care Charity for hosting such widely successful supporter benefits. Our appreciation goes out to the charity board, WOW’s employees, volunteers, partners, and countless sponsors. Below are a few pictures from 2018’s events.


In just five years, the RISE TOGETHER team has traveled over 300,000+ miles, taken the stage over 400 times, partnered with over 150+ schools, and educated more than 150,000+ youth. In 2018, RISE TOGETHER obtained their nonprofit 501(c)3 status to expand their efforts to ignite a movement of hope that is saving lives. This year Rise Together is working to lift the voices of youth through its “Future is Youth” campaign. By empowering the voices of one million youth, RISE TOGETHER will not only support youth in being heard but use their voices to develop new programs to meet their needs.

About WOW-We Care Charity

WOW-We Care Charity was created by WOW Logistics Company in 2015 as a way for employees and the company to give back to the community. Today, WOW-We Care Charity is incorporated as a separate 501 (c) (3) entity, with its own bylaws and seven-person board. The charity’s primary focus is to support the fight against substance abuse by backing organizations whose mission it is to rid our communities of this epidemic. They also offer support to various other worthy causes and organizations throughout the state of Wisconsin. To learn more about WOW-We Care Charity, visit

To learn more about #TheFutureIsYouth Million Story Campaign and how to join efforts to spread hope into our community please visit:




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