Woe Is Us All

I have been really wanting to try and contribute to this! I didn’t want to draw myself, so I came up with the girl as shown. I also wanted to point out that as I am a long-term sufferer of both depression and anxiety

“I have finally gotten help for it last year since it was getting to the point where I was contemplating suicide.”

I wanted to explain what this drawing or sketch means to me. I’ve always grown up revolving around the idea that mental health doesn’t matter as long as your expectations are met, Most of that developed into my depression along with many family members passing, getting ill, etc.

“anxiety although was with me for as long as I can remember since it was in my family’s genetics”

For example, in the drawing, the color yellow, symbolizes pressure and selflessness. Purple symbolizes misery and negative thoughts. Lastly, red symbolizes the realization and comprehension of how long you’ve really had to deal with all of it. These are the things I’ve always had to deal with and still have to deal with at times to this day.

Again,  I really wanted to contribute in a way I could use my talent. If I wanted to give anything from this, I want to give hope to the people who have the same struggles as I do, or even people who have completely different struggles than me. Either way, I want people to have hope as the message to come out of this. 🙂

-Toni Krabbe
A Student Voice

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