WI State Rep. John Nygren Shows His Support for Rise Together’s Efforts to Prevent Youth Addiction

“Today, I am proud that this stigma is beginning to change, largely because of organizations like Rise Together.” – Rep. John Nygren 

We wanted to share with you all the amazing support we received from an individual who could very well be considered the #1 in command of helping to curve addiction in Wisconsin. We can’t thank Rep. John Nygren’s office enough for this sign of appreciation!

“Dear Mr. Alvarado:

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your important efforts with Rise Together. It’s a clear testament to your program’s successes that Rise Together has become part of the national Young People in Recovery.

As you know, heroin and opioid abuse and addiction has become an epidemic in Wisconsin and across the country. ‪#‎Addiction‬ knows no boundaries; this problem affects everyone in some way, no matter the person’s race or income level. It is for this reason that your efforts with Rise Together are so important. Your work has been instrumental in spreading addiction awareness, increasing access to treatment information, and sustaining a model of support for people in recovery.

There is no doubt that Rise Together helps people addicted to opioids understand that recovery is possible and attainable.  Even before the heroin and opioid epidemic began, there was a stigma attached to the idea of addiction.

Family and friends were afraid to talk about the issue and addicts were forced to keep secrets and live in the shadows.

Today, I am proud that this stigma is beginning to change, largely because of organizations like‪#‎RiseTogether‬.

Thank you for being an important part of the fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic. Your ‪#‎advocacy‬ with Rise Together and your support of legislative efforts like the HOPE Agenda clearly make a difference in our state and across the nation.

The more we talk about addiction and spread awareness,
the closer we will be to ending the epidemic.

Again, congratulations on your work with Rise Together and becoming part of the national Young People in Recovery organization. I look forward to hearing about the great work you continue to do in the future.

John Nygren
State Representative
Assembly District 89″

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