What RISE TOGETHER means to me

 When I was young I always had a feeling that I was going to grow up and doing something great but I never fully believed that it would actually happen…..until now. Today I stand stronger than I ever have before. Through my ups and downs, what I have been through has made me who I am today; I would never take that back. I no longer try to live a life of perfection but instead build on progression.

Through my own recovery, I can proudly say that I am a good father, a great friend, a brother, a son, and a responsible member of this community. I am humbled by how much support I have been given and without you all this wouldn’t have been completely possible; for this alone, I am extremely grateful.

On another note, the world doesn’t need your success but instead we need more healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers. To be more like these people is my own personal goal. As we provide a light to drive out darkness, we will continue to stand up for human rights. We may not be understood, we could even go against the status quo, but we have the courage to stand up and make a difference regardless. You can call us spiritual healers, leaders, or even revolutionaries, but no matter what you will never be able to call me a quitter.

I will stand, I will fight, I will carry the broken, I will fall, I will get back up, I will show you I care, I will drive hope, I will make a difference, but I will never give up!

I have broken the cycle of addiction in my own family, for myself, and for my beautiful children. Like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, my passion drives me forward. In the end they will all know our names; for the right reasons. No cage or prison will hold me down. From the flames we will all RISE TOGETHER!!!!!!!

Anthony Alvarado
President & Co-Founder

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