Wallace Family Foundation Pledges $38,000 to RISE TOGETHER

The Wallace Family Foundation joined RISE TOGETHER at their recent 5-year anniversary celebration with a formal announcement of their partnership; representing the support that the Wallace Family Foundation has provided to RISE TOGETHER, a 501c3 non-profit, since the summer of 2018.


“We have been moved by their stories. In their own way, each of them has seen and known what it’s like to live through many dark nights of the soul. It’d be easy to imagine wanting to shrink back from those experiences, but instead they chose the hard thing, the courageous thing, to share their truth freely with others, mostly young people,” said Dave Wallace, member of the foundation’s board of trustees, “I’d call them warriors of the heart and their mission noble and necessary. If all of us dig deep enough, and are willing to share our stories authentically, there’s hardly any individual or any extended family who remain untouched by the forces that RISE TOGETHER and DISCOVERY CORPS address; the Wallace family is no exception.”

To date, the Wallace Family Foundation has helped to fund the initial development of RISE TOGETHER’s new youth life navigation program called DISCOVERY CORPS. This program is the result of years of student surveys, community feedback, and recognition of the potential to train youth as “advocacy leaders, peer coaches, and educators” in their schools and communities.

“We believe that this program is the answer to much of what is causing discourse and disconnection in our youth today,” said Jesse Heffernan, Program Coordinator of RISE TOGETHER, “This program will work with students who identify as having had experience with bullying, mental illness, drugs and alcohol or that have been impacted by a family member or friend who are struggling.  Once trained, youth will meet with the designated school faculty for ongoing support and guidance.”

Additionally, RISE TOGETHER will be launching DISCOVERY CORPS on September 18th, 2018, at Appleton West High School, with the support of The Wallace Family. Follow RISE TOGETHER on Facebook for upcoming details on events.


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