Talk on 91.1 The Avenue with Jesse Heffernan & Anthony Alvarado, President & Co-founder of Rise Together to speak about their personal recovery stories.

Tammy Williams talks with Jesse Heffernan, Professional Recovery Coach & Consultant with Helios Addiction Recovery Services LLC, and Anthony Alvarado, President & Co-founder of Rise Together about their personal recovery stories.

Five Things To Know About Drug Abuse

1. Get Educated – learn about the new threats that face our youth. Drug abuse is not just heroin, marijuana and cocaine….there are new threats out there such as Molly, Bath Salts, and Sizzurp.

2. Talk to Your Kids – take some of these news reports of drug use, either locally or nationally, as opportunities to talk with your kids.

3. Reinforce Good Choices – we all see the statistics of drug use such as 1 in 4 kids are abusing medication…well how about those 3 that are not! Dispel some of the myths such as ‘everyone is doing it’ and make note of that and give those kids a hand!

4. Spread the Word – talk with others about the drug problem. Just think that if everyone who listened to this conversation would relate what they heard to another 5 more people how far this message would spread!

5. Get Engaged – there are many opportunities out in the Fox Valley for helping to fight this epidemic! All of the area counties have task forces that are made up of government, health, business and community members all working together to make a difference!
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