Recovery Organizations Kick off National Recovery Month with #SpeakingOutLouder Campaign

Over 40 Million Americans Today are Addicted to Alcohol, Nicotine, or Drugs.

Yet, there are over 20 million people in recovery today; proving that recovery is possible.

Recovery Organizations Kick off National Recovery Month with the #SpeakingOutLouder Campaign

The organization’s Rise Together, Crave21, and Soul Stamps have announced a social media campaign designed to raise awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery. The #SpeakingOutLouder movement will run during September’s National Recovery Month.

This unique campaign aims to create awareness and conversation about mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention by encouraging everyone to share why #SpeakingOutLouder is important in 2017. The partnering organizations hope to use this hashtag campaign to assist in breaking the silence around bullying, suicide, self-harm, drugs, and alcohol. September is also home to Suicide Awareness Day on September 10, 2017.

In order to participate, an individual just has to share why they are #SpeakingOutLouder on social media channels and encourage others to do the same.

September is National Recovery Month

September 1, 2017 kicks off National Recovery Month! This month also includes Suicide Awareness Day which is on September 10, 2017.

Many influencers have already joined the #SpeakingOutLouder movement, including advocates Alicia Cook, Ryan Hampton, Nikki Dubose, Bryan Edmund, and addiction & mental health recovery organizations like Faces & Voices of Recovery, Facing Addiction, She Recovers, I Hate Heroin, The You Rock Foundation, National Safety CouncilSober Nation, Substance for You, Sober Evolution, McShin Foundation, Stop Heroin Now, WI Voices for Recovery, and Spread Hope Like Fire.


We are encouraging friends, families, young adults, and those in recovery to share why they are #SpeakingOutLouder in 2017.


Over 40 Million Americans Today are Addicted to Alcohol, Nicotine, or Drugs.  Every year, 1 in 4 youths self-harm. Over 3 million students are bullied. 44,000+ suicides take place annually.  It is the partnering organizations’ collective mission to educate and empower everyone to make healthier choices and live free from addiction.

By taking a united front we are looking to reach millions of people across the nation and beyond. We are collectively #SpeakingOutLouder to help curve the world’s addiction epidemic & save lives. Share your story @

When people share their story, it shows others that they are not alone and that recovery is possible! Sadly though, it is when people stay silent that we experience death.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, Facing Addiction in America, 1 out of 3 households are impacted directly by addiction, only 1 in 10 people receive treatment, and substance misuse costs America over $400 Billion every year.

Our next generation is at great risk. Thousands of children are now growing up without parents, siblings, and loved ones directly to addiction.

Stand up. Speak Out. Break the Silence. Let us hear your voices. Inspire recovery all around the world. Save a Life.

Other ways to support our campaign

  1. Get in the Loop and Get Free Swag
    On August 31, International Overdose Awareness Day, Soul Stamps is launching a loop campaign that gives you an opportunity to receive free gear from Soul Stamps, Rise Together, Crave21, Sober Evolution, The Sobriety Collective and One Rep At A Time; helping you spread awareness throughout the community. This campaign will kick off Recovery Month by allowing users to learn more about addiction and interact with the companies through Instagram.

Follow @risetogether_official, @SoulStamps, @Crave21org to find out more!

  • CRAVE 21 Unplugged Challenge
    On September 30th, CRAVE 21 is inviting people all across the country to help raise awareness and support for those struggling with addiction. And this is how it works:


1) Sign up on for the Crave 21 Unplugged Challenge.
2) Nominate your friends to join the challenge or donate to New Way Recovery.
3) On September 30th at 9am, you and your friends will unplug from all personal electronic devices for the next 21 hours!

Sign up for the challenge at today!

  • Encourage Loved Ones to Ask for Help: One of our priorities is to connect those who are struggling with resources. Reaching out to our friends over at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-8255, contacting the Crisis Textline by texting HELLO to 74174Please visit the Addiction Resource Hub: to help people find the independent, local support you or a loved one are looking for
  • Wear Your Support: We have partnered up with Substance for Youth to offer you some fresh swag to help spread the message & raise awareness as you walk around in your community! (ORDER HERE)
  • Raise Money to Help Prevent Addiction Locally Donate $$ to your local addiction recovery community or mental health organization. Even $1 can go a long way.




  1. I’m standing up for those struggling to overcome addiction. I lost my son on 9/16/16 at just shy of 21 years old and I want you to all know there is hope and we do want you to recover. Don’t be a statistic. Prove you can recover and give us hope. Your all worth it.

  2. I am standing up for those struggling drug addiction to overcome their addiction. Last August 21st 2016, we lost our 31 yr old son, Trenton to a accidental drug overdose. I encourage addicts, their loved ones to seek any kind of help. Don’t let the drugs conquer you. You can, you must overcome the addiction. Put a stop to the pain it leaves behind. You are worth saving!

  3. I am speaking out because I have tried to end my life because of mental illness, if I succeed I wouldn’t have the wonderful kids and husband I do now. I am also speaking out because I beat heroin 3.5 years ago and going strong in recovery!!

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