Share Your Story

SHARE YOUR STORY with us and speak about the issues you most care about. Unite with others and join the #BeHeardInspireHope project to make a difference in your community today! 

We have partnered with Party.0, who are spreading sober partied across the nation! We are working together to inspire 1,000's to share their story of recovery.

Check out this great video that they put together! We look forward to seeing yours!

I give Rise Together permission to use my story and picture for their various marketing platform.

DOWNLOAD & PRINT THE "I AM" POSTERS and place them up throughout your community! Then take a photo with it and upload to social media using the phrase I am #BeingTheChange

Having a hard time telling your story or talking about an issue on your mind???

While we are offering you a chance to let your voice be heard we know that sharing your story isn't always easy to do. After speaking to 100,000 + people we are offering a couple tips and pointers below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Helpful Tips

  • Are you a person in long-term recovery from addiction? Mental illness? Or do you have a loved one that may has battled with suicidal tendencies, cutting, burning, depression, drugs or alcohol?
  • How did you or they overcome those challenges?
  • What were the steps you took to get where you are at now?
  • Do you have any helpful tips of your own or tools that you may use in your life today that you find helpful?
  • What main points are you trying to make? Hope? Purpose? Think of how people may benefit from you sharing.

For poetry, video, artwork, spoken word, or music submissions: please include background information on your piece and what it is about.

Are You Creative?

Spoken Word

Huge shout-out to our friend Shane Ramer "That Sober Guy" and putting together this spoken word!


Storytelling through poetry by HS student