Rise Together’s 5 Year Celebration of Saving Lives


The Rise Together team wants to thank all of our friends and supporters for coming out to this years 5 year anniversary celebration!

Through our passionate storytelling over the past few years, mainly with young people, we have been a part of a paradigm shift by not taking the traditional pathways of prevention programs but rather daring to pave our own way; through perseverance and passion, we continue to be on the forefront of prevention programs in the country.

Now we want to start giving this movement back to the people and that started this week with the RISE TOGETHER COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARDS. These awards were created in recognition of outstanding contributions to substance use, mental health prevention, and recovery efforts that have empowered youth and families to leadership, courage, and innovation. The recipients of these awards have worked with our team in several capacities; showing that prevention and recovery are possible.

This years winners are…

1. WOW-We Care Charity
2. Chilton High School
3. Senator Tammy Baldwin
4. Wisconsin Voices for Recovery
5. Woodward Communications

Please give a round of applause to our award recipients. It is through their hard work and dedication in these areas that we will continue to see growth, change, and saving the lives of our youth.


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