On ABC 18 – RISE TOGETHER Survey: Prescription pills most common hard drug among WI teens

MADISON (WKOW) — A new survey says teenagers are using hard drugs.  Experts say they get it from home.

A study by Rise Together say almost 20% of teenage drug users start at age 15.  Our affiliate, WAOW, says almost 68% of Wisconsin middle and high school students surveyed say they have used alcohol or other substances.  But the survey found that prescription pills are the most common hard drug with almost 18% of students saying they’ve tried them.

Therapist Lee Shipway says teens are getting them from family members’ medicine cabinets.

Melissa Dotter with the Drug Free Communities says this can be a slippery slope.  She says, “It’s extremely dangerous, they can lead to things like methamphetamine use, it can lead to heroin addiction.”

The survey shows more than 50% of students say they started using substances because they were curious.

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