RISE TOGETHER Speaks to Nearly 3,000 Students in Green County

Recently, #teamrise was able to educate, engage, and empower nearly 3,000 students throughout Green County, Wisconsin. With the Ignite & Engage School Speaking Program, we were able to work with several schools that included:

  • New Glarus Middle School & High School
  • Monticello High School
  • Albany High School
  • Blackhawk Middle School & High School
  • Brodhead Middle School & High School
  • Juda Middle School & High School
  • Monroe Middle School

Students were encouraged to speak out when they are or know somebody going through a tough time in their life; promoting the message of togetherness. The RISE TOGETHER team worked with students one on one reminding them that no matter what they are going through, they are not alone. That it is ok to struggle and ok to ask for help.

Hundreds of students were empowered to use their stories for good and to heighten their voice for change through our 1 Million Story Campaign #TheFutureIsYouth. Check out the some of the pictures below or follow us on social media*

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