RISE TOGETHER Speaks at Mukwonago High School

RISE TOGETHER educated, engaged, and empowered over 1,600 students at Mukwonago High School to stand up and speak out. Students  enjoyed the ignite & engage school speaking program along with the Crave21 Global Health Challenge. This is where we also kicked off this years million story campaign. Students joined to inspire hope using the hashtag #TheFutureIsYouth

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How did they like our program? Out of the students surveyed here is what they thought…
  • Over 83% indicated they are now more likely to ask for help.
  • Over 92% indicated they are more likely to support a friend in need.
  • Over 50% liked the program; nearly 40% of them liked it very much; totaling in 90%.
  • 40% of the student are indicating they are much less likely to use drugs and alcohol after seeing our program;  additional 22% are less likely, totaling 62%
  • 60% of the students are indicating they would like to or very much like to see something from Rise Together again.
  • 45% are more likely to get involved in the community
  • Near 70% are very motivated or motivated to follow their dreams, goals, and aspirations.
  • Over 36% wouldn’t change a thing about the presentation. Although, there is a interest to learn more about how to help others.

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