Rise Together speaks with Teen Connection on PBS: Talking about Teens & Prescription Drugs

(Watch Full Video Here)

Teen Connection sheds light on the prevalence of prescription drug abuse among teens in Wisconsin and examines efforts to educate teens and their families about the risks of prescription drug abuse. Guests include: Brigette Henschel, whose daughter died of a drug overdose, Lauri McHugh-Badura, whose son died of a drug overdose, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, Aurora BayCare Medical Center Emergency Medicine Physician Jane Witman, director of the Brown County Drug Task Force, Lt. David Poteat, Rise Together’s Doug Darby and the founder and president of DarJune Cafe Recovery Center, Mandy Suthers. Recovering users Allyn Schaal and Kelsey Demar will also join to discuss recovery.

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