RISE TOGETHER in Bellin Health’s Lifesaver Series

We all have habits…good or bad…even addictions to gossip, work, food, technology, alcohol or drugs. Behind the behavior is an emotional need. Bellin Health is focusing on emotional wellbeing this month and Nadine Machkovech shares her brave story of “being enough” and overcoming addiction. By shining the light into the “darker places” of our lives we dispel shame. Because where there is self-acceptance in the light, shame can no longer live.

Storytelling is an age old method of passing down wisdom and life lessons. Bellin’s brave Lifesavers share their stories with the resounding intent of reaching “just one person.” Nadine Machkovech‘s story of recovery and which has now become her mission at RISE TOGETHER shedding light on the important topics of emotional wellbeing, shame, bullying, mental health and addiction. 

How can you be a Lifesaver?

  • Play the Lifesaver Video at a Team Meeting
  • Distribute the Lifesaver Handouts
  • Discuss the bullet points on page 2 and share supportive health benefits that your organization offers (i.e. health coaching, calcium scoring screening).
  • Allow people the chance to share their stories and valuable supportive community resources in a safe space without judgement or advice giving.

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