Rise Together Doubles Impact in 2018

Wishing you a fun, safe, healthy, and happy new year!

We also wanted to sincerely thank you for your support of RISE TOGETHER’s mission. Whether you were educated in one of our programs, engaged in a campaign, joined efforts to speak out, contributed financially, volunteered your time, or helped to raise awareness for our cause, your dedication and support has helped to empower our next generation of leaders to become change makers.

2018 was a special year for us. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary, many team members celebrated years in recovery, we doubled our staff, doubled our revenue, and doubled our impact. From gracing the TEDx stage to receiving an official proclamation making September 12th “RISE TOGETHER DAY“, this year was one to remember.

Together, we were able to address challenging and volatile issues facing today’s youth and provide more resources to engage young people and their families. We put love first, let others be heard, and inspired HOPE.

Thank you for joining the RISE TOGETHER movement. We are a group united by our passion to make a difference. We vow to continue our mission together and help create change.

We are wishing you all with the best possible future!

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