RISE TOGETHER Celebrates 7 Years of Preventing Addiction and Promoting Mental Health

It’s our 7th year anniversary on September 12th, which marks Appleton’s third annual RISE TOGETHER Day!

Seven years ago, RISE TOGETHER was started by individuals in recovery to help people like themselves find their voice, speak out, and prevent addiction from taking the lives of their loved ones. Seven years later, RT continues to address addiction and mental health for tens of thousands of young people annually.

The mission may look a little different than it did nearly a decade ago. Still, every year, RT helps to support student-led initiatives that build resiliency, promote the power of storytelling, and increase positive help-seeking norms. RISE TOGETHER continues to address challenges around addiction, mental health, and prevention by creating a safe place for young people to build connections, share their voice, and provide peer support. RISE helps youth become healthier and their communities by affirming students’ beliefs and empowering them to be agents of change in their school.

The past seven years have brought this team to hundreds of cities, hundreds of schools, and over 250,000 youth. We are proud of our roots. We are excited by our vision, mission, and purpose to help save lives, and we are so grateful that you all have been a part of it!

By serving as a community resource, partner, educator, and supporter, we help schools, advisors, instructors, experts, and youth-serving associations improve the quality of life for young people and their families.

As we learn how to adapt, evolve, and grow through today’s ‘new normal’, we look to continue making an impact through our online training for youth educators, peer-wellness coaching, research, and educational awareness efforts.

We appreciate the seven years that our community has supported us and the vital role you all have played in changing an enormous amount of lives.

This year is an excitingly restorative time. As we work to increase our impact, we look forward to your ongoing support.

With gratitude,

Anthony Alvarado

Executive Director

Want to support RISE TOGETHER? email us at risetogether@weallrisetogether.com or GIVE NOW

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