RESILIENCE SERIES – Looking in the Mirror w/Allison Garner

RISE TOGETHER is offering this series for FREE in coordination with their #RiseTogetherStrong Fundraiser. *Learn more here*

In support of our #RiseTogetherStrong fundraiser, every Monday, join TEDx speaker Nadine Machkovech for a live conversation exploring how thought leaders and changemakers from around the world have faced adversity over this past year. This series will offer practical tips on how we can all grow this strength in our day-to-day lives.



Allison Garner runs a leadership experience boutique, Thoughtly, for stoic leaders who are visionaries and challengers of the status quo. Their experiences with Allison illuminate their blindpsots, interrupt their repeated patterns, and open a new pathway for forward progression. For 20 years prior to establishing Thoughtly, Allison was a chemical engineer and vice president of a small engineering firm designing oil refineries domestically and internationally. On the personal side, she has been married for 23 years and has two wonderful kids.

In addition to serving on several Boards of Directors, including being elected to the Oshkosh School Board for 10 years, she was a selected TEDx Oshkosh speaker in 2019 and published author of “Think Possible: The Light and Dark Side of Never Running Out of Ideas” and “Unconditional: Learning How to Navigate and Reframe Mental Illness – Together”.

Here is a link to her TEDx talk.…

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Insta: @t.houghtly


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