RESILIENCE SERIES – Creative Mindfulness w/Joseph Green

RISE TOGETHER is offering this series for FREE in coordination with their #RiseTogetherStrong Fundraiser. *Learn more here*

Every Monday, join TEDx speaker Nadine Machkovech for a live conversation exploring how thought leaders and changemakers from across the country have faced adversity over this past year. This series will offer practical tips on how we can all grow this strength in our day-to-day lives and is in support of our #RiseTogetherStrong Fundraiser.



More Info: Joseph Green is a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Trainer. He has been working with professionals and youth for over a decade to harness the power of storytelling through creative writing to process emotion, maintain agency over personal narrative, and restore humanity to community spaces. Combined with traditional forms of mindfulness practice such as meditation and focused breathing, this form of self-care assists in burnout prevention for those working in high-stress occupations.

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