Recovery walk honors those impacted by addiction

APPLETON — It was an emotional day for over 200 people in Appleton as they walked through City Park reading signs of people who lost their lives to addiction.


“I know that silence kills, and it’s very important to stop being silent,” said Bev Kelley-Miller, who lost her daughter to addiction in 2015.

Groups of people walked through the park reading the stories about some of those people who are now gone. Kelley-Miller said the signs were there to remind those attending the memories of the lives lost still live on.

“My mission is to bring a message of hope,” Kelley-Meyer said. “Whether you know it or not, there are many people that are in recover that will never reveal it to you, but they walk among us.”

On top of honoring the lives of people who died, the group celebrated the many recovering from addiction.

“We need to address addiction and take it seriously,” Kelley-Miller said. “If you nip it in the butt right away, it’s not going to end up that they are going to die, and these people you see on the signs should be here right now.”

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