Recovery is awesome and I am living proof of that!

Anthony Alvarado, President & Co-Founder of RISE TOGETHER; AB & BBM
Anthony Alvarado, President & Co-Founder of RISE TOGETHER; AB & BBM

As I reminisce about the past few years I can’t help to think about how fortunate I have been to find recovery; to be alive again. Sure, there is thought of the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens, but more often than not I can’t help to think that getting clean and sober was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What I have learned is that recovery is something that everyone can understand. In a sense, we all have recovered from something.  Maybe a loss, a traumatic event, a time of hardship, we all have our own challenges; we all learned and continue to learn that recovery is possible no matter what we struggle with. Recovery teaches us how to cope, how to develop new skills, and gives us the opportunity to grow.

It has been said that “without struggle, there is not progress.”  Because this is true, we must understand that we cannot live in a constant world of our own comfort. We must understand that we will face challenges.  We can see these challenges as an opportunity to grow.  This is how dreams are accomplished. To choose not live in the past and carry on with an attempt to do better makes us whole again.

7 years ago, I was basically homeless, living under the shame of my own destruction.  I was buried neck deep within my own disaster; slowly accepting the idea of death.  I was only slowly giving up.  Progress wasn’t pushing me forward like it is today.  Instead, the progression of this disease was pulling me closer to my own casket. The grip of death was becoming my own reality.

By the grace of God, I am still here.  I survived. With the help of others, I am where I am at today.  I got clean for me and with the help of Him, my loved ones, my family, friends, and my community, I have found out what it means to live again. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

I am humbled that I have been allowed to speak to the masses in order to help save the few; it’s my conscious effort to change this world for the better.  To be given this great responsibility, I am forever grateful.  I know today I live a life of passion.  I have found my purpose. Some never get the opportunity to find theirs.

I sincerely hope that my efforts, my leadership, continue to make a positive difference in and around our communities.  Not only to fight against our substance abuse epidemic but to also give a voice back to the voiceless. I believe our teams efforts are shedding light in some of the darkest places.  We have the desire to find a solution, to seek change; even when others don’t have the strength to do so.

Today I feel as a stronger man than ever. Today, I willingly ask for help, I share love, compassion, and laughter. Today, I am ALIVE. I mean really alive! I know what life is truly about and what I don’t understand I am always seeking.

To you I can only hope you find the same.  Let these words inspire you. Let them help you. Share them.  Let it inspire others.  Let’s learn how to live; together.

Anthony Alvarado
President & Co-founder
Rise Together Facebook Page

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