RAISEawareness is an opportunity for youth to educate and enlighten both their peers and adult communities to the adverse effects of substance abuse and the warning signs of mental illness. RAISEyouth will equip themselves with facts, partner themselves with local experts, and explore creative ways to RAISEawareness and invoke positive change.

The Process

Research and Gather

Using the links provided in the resource guide, RAISEyouth will gather a library of facts about:

  • Healthy life hacks (Diet, exercise, reading, pursuing hobbies)
  • Mindfulness benefits
  • Immediate consequences of substance abuse 
  • Signs/statistics of mental illness
  • Where to get help

Project Ideas

Art as Activism 

Let’s use the transformational power of art to bring awareness and share the truth! Partner with art classes. Provide them with a list of the benefits of mindfulness. Have them create a series of posters. Find prominent places around the school to post them.

Announce the Positive

Use your morning announcements as a platform to broadcast hope, positive energy, and healthy life hacks. Start a series of morning announcements or skits that share healthy life hacks. Designate a special day like, “Mindful Mondays,” or Thoughtful Thursdays.” Post the healthy life hack in the same spot every week.

Periodic Table of Consequence

(Focus on informing, not frightening. Research shows scare tactics do not work!) Use a familiar symbol and give it new life-saving meaning. Modeling the periodic table of elements creates a large display. Use the immediate consequences list you created and color code the chart based on the type of substances. This same idea can be used with different kinds of mental illness. Offer emergency hotline phone numbers and local resources.

Project Resource Guide

Research and Gather

NIDA for Teens:
Click here for drug facts

Click here to learn more about mental health

Tips on Mindfulness:
Click here to learn about being mindful
Click to read advice from mindful.org