stand up

Our Stand Up and Speak Out School Speaking Program encourages students to rise together to help eliminate the stigma around bullying, self-harm, suicide, drugs, and alcohol. We have already educated, engaged, and empowered over 125,000 students with this program since Sep. of 2013; helping students to share their story and drive them towards purpose.

We want to help at least 1 student that may be struggling. Our national speakers, coaches, and educators will work directly with you to deliver this prevention program, which includes our youth research analysis.  We also will be working with your students after the presentation at the school and online, to make sure support anyone in crisis. Efforts like these encouraged 1,000's to speak out, ask for help, and share their story for the first time; helping to save countless lives.   .


The Crave 21 Global Health Challenge is a student-led program that raises support for critical health education for youth across the country!

Each participant contributes to the growth and the impact we are having on creating a future free from addiction!

What is it? Crave 21 is a challenge where students give up their biggest craving for 21-days. Popular unhealthy cravings include social media, candy, video games, soda, t.v., and more.

Students recruit friends and family to join and particpate in the challenge, making this an incredible community event that promotes family engagement around an important issue.

starts at home

Our It Starts At Home Program creates an engaging public panel discussion for the entire community; especially parents.

Our staff will work with you to put together the panel discussion, which will include a few of our team members and can even include other leaders from your community.

Typically we will host this as a special event called a "Rise Together Movie Night" where we will also screen the movie Generation Found and provide local resources and others like Crisis TextlineDrugs Over Dinner and Natural High after the panel takes place.

All these education and awareness initiatives are perfect for students, teachers, and families.


Our programs are designed to educate, engage, and empower.

Rise Together primarily educates youth between the ages of 10-18 years old in grades 5-12. For further info, testimonies, and much more, download

be the change

Our Be The Change Program is a student workshop that teaches young people how to support their peers and raise awareness in their community; stepping up as young resilient leaders.

With our partnership with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and their #BeThe1To save a life initiative, we will work with your students to help prevent suicide.

This program has also encouraged students to come up with their own grassroots initiatives and to even participate in awareness initiatives like the 1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Challenge

power of language

The Power of Language Messaging Training Program is designed to teach young people everywhere how to share their story.

After partnering with the WI Youth Justice System and the Department of Children and Families in several major regions, we worked with young people and taught them how to share their stories and create social change.

Our messaging platforms promote the message of recovery in all forms and encourage a community to take action and speak out on a localized level

employees matter

The All Employees Matter Corporate Training Program works with organizations of all sizes; creating a safe place to educate every employee on how to support their loved ones and colleagues in the workplace; especially those who are being impacted by addiction or a mental illness.

We partnered with the WOW-We Care Charity and the National Safety Council to deliver and build out this program to make sure it is a good fit for any organization and EAP across the country.

In support of the NSC, Shatterproof, and NORC at the University of Chicago this program uses the Substance Use Cost Calculator for Employers.

Rise Together will be launching a new student training program and an annual awareness program during the fall of 2018.

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