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Since September 2013, RISE TOGETHER has partnered with more than 175 SCHOOLS and EDUCATED 200,000+ people by encouraging them to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT on issues that they care about most – BREAKING THE SILENCE around substance use and mental health disorders.

RISE TOGETHER has four key data-supported programs to empower young people which include:

  1. RISE TOGETHER Youth Professional Development Training is a training program for teachers, administrators, club sponsors, and community youth workers looking to create safe and brave spaces for youth to strive. Regardless of your association with a Rise Together youth program, this training will provide you with tools to:
    • Engage – Confidently facilitate group and individual conversations focused on substance use disorders, mental health, and personal empowerment.
    • Educate – Demonstrate how to use storytelling to build connectivity and reduce stigma around sensitive social issues.
    • Empower – Build trusting relationships with youth and empower them to implement youth-led projects.
  2. Student Ambassador Program called The RAISE Project is a student ambassador program that is designed to raise awareness and ignite change throughout the school and community through storytelling, advocacy, and education. It provides three different change projects based around RAISEkindness, RAISEawareness, and RAISEvoices.
  3. Peer Wellness Coaching program called Discovery Corps is a 3-day training program that is designed to train and certify young leaders on how to be peer-to-peer life navigators while providing peer wellness coaching within their school.
  4. Harm Reduction Efforts during the 2021-2022 school year we will be partnering with ServeYouRx to provide Narcan training and SHN to plant OAK boxes (Overdose Aid Kit/Opioid Rescue Kit) within the schools and youth-serving organizations to support harm reduction efforts.

After seeing a Rise Together presentation:

  • 80% of surveyed students indicated that they are less likely to use drugs and alcohol.
  • Over 85% of the students indicated they are more likely to help one of their peers.
  • 70% of those students are more likely to ask for help themselves.
  • Over 50% of students are now more likely to report instances of bullying.
  • Nearly 50% of students are now more likely to ask for support or help others who are dealing with self-harm.
  • Over 40% are more likely to ask for help around suicide.

Our solution is to provide communities with HIGH-QUALITY educational content, programs, workshops, and training that help build strong advocates and leaders.


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Our speakers, trainers, and youth leaders are dynamic, influential leaders who have been recognized by their peers, key partners, and invited to participate, given their outstanding experience and community contributions.

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