Creating a Youth-led Movement That is
Saving Lives

Our solution is to provide communities with HIGH-QUALITY educational content, programs, workshops, and training that help build strong advocates and leaders.
Today, our cause is led by a team of dedicated professionals, all of whom have diverse backgrounds, educations, and skill sets. Alongside a national advisory board, RISE TOGETHER is working closely with communities to:

• IDENTIFY youth issues through a unique student research approach.

• PROVIDE resources, mentoring, and support.

• INSPIRE youth to ask for help for the very first time.

• MOTIVATE others to take action and live a “cool healthier lifestyle”

Our innovative approach to effectively engage young people today:

School Speaking Programs

Our youth speaking program is based on the “Three E’s”:• Our program is designed to EDUCATE students on substance abuse, addiction, mental health, coping, and life skills.• Our interactive youth speaking program ENGAGES middle school, high school, and college students through storytelling.• Our stories have power. By speaking out about our own experiences and struggles, we EMPOWER young people to drive towards purpose and create a healthier future.After seeing a Rise Together presentation, 80% of surveyed students indicated that they are now LESS LIKELY TO USE DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.

Student-led Activities

Crave 21 CHALLENGES students to give up their biggest craving for 21 days. Popular “cravings” that students often struggle with are things like soda, TV, video games, and social media. The goal of the program is to TEACH students about the power of addiction.It ENCOURAGES them to wait until they are 21 before they consider alcohol and to never experiment with tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit drugs.The Crave 21 challenge gives students the opportunity to SHARE their EXPERIENCES with friends. Students learn about the dangers of addiction and how the power of habits can help them live healthier lives.

Training Programs

DISCOVERY CORPS is the result of years of student surveys, community feedback, and recognition of the potential to train youth as “advocacy leaders, peer coaches, and educators” in their schools and communities. The Discovery Corps program will be based on 3 primary focus areas:• ADVOCACY LEADERSHIP• PEER COACHING• COMMUNITY EDUCATION. Each of these areas have been identified by both youth and staff as vital to CHANGING THE CULTURE in our school systems. Providing youth leaders with training and support in these areas will give them the ability to support and connect with classmates as peers; which helps eliminate power differentials and in-turn helps them with their own PATHWAY OF RECOVERY.

Youth Leadership Programs

After analyzing the surveys of thousands of youth and reviewing the research and best practice recommendations of evidence-based programs around the country, RT has developed the comprehensive youth leadership and advocacy program; The RAISE Project. This program takes youth through a three-tier training that will strengthen leadership skills, assist in identifying social risk factors that perpetuate unhealthy choices, and educate them on evidence-based strategies as they invoke Change Projects that will fundamentally shift the culture of their schools and communities.

Launching in early 2019***

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