Understanding the Teenage Drug Epidemic

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Understanding the Teenage Drug Epidemic


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Understanding the Teenage Drug Epidemic

Episode Snapshot:  This week we share the youth research that we have collected over the past 3 years in an academic study called “Understanding the teenage drug epidemic within rural communities” which is a collaboration between Wisconsin Voices for recovery and us over at Rise Together.


Understanding the teenage drug epidemic within rural communities; a collaboration between “Wisconsin Voices for recovery” and “Rise Together”



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Study Recap   

Misuse and overuse of illicit and non-illicit drugs amongst Wisconsin adolescents has increased. While significant progress has been made to address this issue within population dense regions of the state, many rural communities struggle to establish effective recovery support services. The purpose of this brief review is to summarize some of the major differences that likely contribute to teenage substance misuse and disorders within urban and rural communities. In addition, we will review urban rehabilitative approaches and discuss how these may, or may not, be effective in rural settings. Finally, we will highlight a novel approach of peer leadership through “RISE TOGETHER”, and how this approach may be uniquely positioned to address substance misuse and disorders amongst rural adolescents. In this report you will be able to…

  • Review changes in teenage drug use within Wisconsin
  • Discuss some of risk factors associated with urban vs rural teenage drug use
  • Discuss recovery methods that are currently being implemented within urban communities. Reflect on how these approaches may not be well suited for rural communities.
  • Summarize “RISE TOGETHER”; origins, approach, effectiveness.
  • Summarize rural adolescent substance misuse and disorders and effectiveness of peer support services


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Episode Notes:

  • Discussed youth approach and the methodology behind the study
  • Discussed Rise Together’s school speaking tour, their school programs, and the student-led curriculum they are using.
  • Discussed how they are partnering up with Party.0 to help 1,000’s share their story of recovery. Check out our website and learn how you can share your story through music, art, poetry, video, and more.


Also, check out all the resources mentioned by visiting Rise Together’s “FIND HELP” section at www.weallrisetogether.org


This week we encourage you to get involved in your community or by supporting us online. In order to make long lasting change, people need to start dedicating their time and resources to the cause’s they most care about.


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