Mother Shares How She Lost Her Daughter, Megan, to a Heroin Overdose

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Mother Shares How She Lost Her Daughter, Megan, to a Heroin Overdose


Rise & Grind Recovery Podcast

#4: Mother, Bev Kelley-Miller, Shares How She Lost Her Daughter, Megan, to a Heroin Overdose & Why Her Story Isn’t Over.

“The Rise & Grind Recovery Podcast is brought to you by Anthony Alvarado; a national speaker and creative change maker. We feature stories of recovery, advocacy, and invite anyone who is passionate about making a difference in their community. We work together to offer you tips and pointers on how to live a happy and healthier life.”


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  • In the first half, Anthony Alvarado invites Wisconsin advocate, Bev Kelley-Miller, into the studio to shine light on the recent overdose deaths in the Fox Valley, where she explains the importance of getting those who are struggling help by providing more access to support & other services such as detox and assisted medicated treatment.
  • Co-host, Adam Racette, also speaks about the & how his efforts with musicians are helping to fight the nation’s drug epidemic. Check out the site now for more information!
  • In the second half, Bev Kelley-Miller, shares a mother’s biggest fear as she explains how she lost her beautiful daughter, Megan, to a herion overdose at an early age of 22. She stresses the importance of sharing her voice and how that is now helping to save others throughout her community. She also educates our audience on preventable resources that parents can use if they have a loved one that is suffering from addiction. If you have any questions, you can contact her by email:

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About Anthony Alvarado

Rise & Grind Recovery Radio is brought to you by Anthony Alvarado.  As a person in long-term recovery, Anthony has a strong desire to change the conversation around addiction and in turn – change the world we live in today. He is the President and Co-Founder of Rise Together, a grassroots organization helping to lead a movement of young people to stand up and speak out on the issues they care most about. Anthony and his organization aim to break the silence around suicide, bullying, mental illness, drugs, and alcohol.

Rise Together’s mission is rapidly spanning the United States. Since September 2013, Anthony has personally traveled over 200,000 miles, taken the stage over 400 times with his team, and educated over 125,000 young adults on addiction and mental health.

Anthony speaks on many different topics but often addresses the need for new creative & innovative solutions that will educate, engage, and empower the young people of today. He shares successful strategies with prevention agencies and school administrators. He has spoken at national conferences as well as state mental health and school conferences.

Now, he has founded Rise & Grind Recovery Radio, where he welcomes guest to engage in conversation around recovery from all over the world.

He is a loving father, son, brother, and friend and spends his free time connecting and conversing with others.


  1. Hello. My name is Dennis Hill. Five years ago, my daughter tragically took her own life as she battled the ravages of a heroin addiction and untreated mental illness. This past year, I have started a movement here in Madison,WI. called Journey For Chandra in her memory. Within the last year, I have written my daughter’s story that has been posted to various web sites. I speak to many different groups and organizations about her story, what I learned having lived her nightmare, and my recommendations to effect change. You can see of my work and her story on her Facebook page called “Journey For Chandra.” I am looking for opportunities to expand my territory. Partnering with and through other organizations that are aligned with what I am doing. Recently, I did some brainstorming work with the National Security Council in Chicago and they highly recommended your program. God bless you for what you are doing, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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