Sexual Assault, Addiction, Prison, and Redemption

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Rise & Grind
Sexual Assault, Addiction, Prison, and Redemption

Rise & Grind Recovery Radio e2 – Sexual Assault, Addiction, Prison, and Redemption: Douglas Darby Tells His Story to Help Save Lives

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  • Group conversation with the co-founder of Rise Together, Douglas Darby, and founder of Air & Allies, Adam Racette, on how the drug culture has influenced the hip hop music scene locally & nationally.
  • White House & Addiction Awareness Convo with our friend Veronica Amarante, who is the director of marketing for Life of Purpose, shares the stage at the White House with Grammy Award Winner Macklemore aka Ben Haggerty, & Michael Botticelli, who is the director of the National Drug Control Policy, to discuss solution to the opioid epidemic. The entire panel discussion was even moderated by MTV which sounds like it will be part of a documentary they are putting together!!! You can go to or MTV News to check out the full story.
  • In this first segment we further the conversation in support of addressing the need for a better and more supportive criminal justice reform, the need for big changes in our medical community, and even how much momentum the recover movement is gaining.
  • Varying opinions about the medical community – In the panel discussion, Macklemore makes a comment that there needs to be some social responsibility that each person in recovery holds while they are engaged with or receiving care from medical providers in regards to be open and honest about their struggles with addiction. The ONDCP director, Michael B., supported the comment in understanding the concern but also pushed back to say that it isn’t our responsibility as a patient to educate our health care professionals on recovery or the disease of addiction for that matter and they actually have more of a responsibility than the patient in providing that info. Rise & Grind discusses their opinions in the first segment.
  • The group discusses the greater sense of power and passion that people are starting to have in part because of the great change that is needed here in America. From personal stories of recovery to viable solutions; it is clear that the voice of those in recovery are starting to be heard. Change is happening in part because people are continuing to talk about the issues they care about even at places like the White House. But we have to keep the momentum going. Hear the group discuss how we ALL can make that happen.
  • Douglas Darby discusses why he has been “MIA” from Facebook & the big changes have happened in his life recently.  Doug discusses his why and tells the world where his passion comes from.  Doug discusses his experience with sexual assault, losing his father, drug abuse, long-term addiction, prison, and how his life almost ended, and gives advice on how to help others that are struggling.

Episode Call to Action:

SHARE YOUR STORY with us and speak about the issues you most care about. When #WeAllRiseTogether we make a huge difference throughout the world!

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about anthony alvarado

Rise & Grind Recovery Radio is brought to you by Anthony Alvarado; who is a person in long-term recovery and recognized as a national speaker, writer, and one of the leading voices in the recovery movement.

Since 2013, he has traveled over 100,000 miles with the Rise Together team; where they have spoken to over 120,000 young people on mental health and addiction. Today they are continuing to encourage thousands of students to talk about the issues they care most about.

Now, he looks to invite conversation from all over the nation to help show the world that recovery is amazing and so is life when you discover your talents, passion, and purpose. This radio podcast is for the entire community because we need YOU to help change the world.



  1. I AM a nurse at st Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, WI. I work with a highly intelligent and caring group of people. We have been seeing more and more babies been born addicted to drugs that the mom was on during pregnancy…. it’s usually a tough road for these babies. We try to get them on a therapeutic dose, make them as comfortable as we can , and then slowly wean their doses down. Right now in our neonatal intensive care unit we have eleven babies. Three of these infants were born thru a drug dependent mom and are now in withdrawals. Usually the babied are with us two to four weeks, depending how they do with the weaning protocol.
    I’m not going to lie….there is stigma related to these parents, almost like we expect so much more of them than our other moms! We expect our methadone, or suboxone parents to be at their babies betsides to feed them every 2-3 hours…… we don’t make non addicted parents do that!
    So, I guess my question for you is, how do I help? Where do I start? Can you give me any pointers? I’d love to start meetings for the moms in the hospital. Or maybe a nurse/mom mentorship. What types of things have you been successful with? Do I try and start big after I have everything lined up and gon over, or do just fly more by the seat of my pants and see what happens?
    ANY ANY ANY experience and guidance you’d be willing to give would be MUCH appreciated!!! I do think we need to hear from a frank and truthful person what he or she did to get sober, how long it takes on an average to stay clean and what if anything that people said or did helped or hurt them.
    I do want to help. I just don’t know where to start. Can you point me in the right direction?
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR WHO YOU ARE, for what you’ve been through, for making it through, and lastly to be able to a personally teach and help others who have been loved by an addict, and also more those of us who love an addict.
    Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for me

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