Our Work

COMMUNITIES need a better way to address the challenging issues facing today’s youth. It’s a simple fact that, due to LACK OF RESOURCES, schools cannot provide enough effective approaches to engage youth and their families who are at risk. This results in kids falling through the cracks. RISE TOGETHER focuses on community-level change by implementing unique strategies based on local needs determined by community assessments, surveys, feedback, and evaluating efforts. Since 2014, RISE TOGETHER has surveyed more than 7,000 students across 53+ counties. RISE TOGETHER has collected more than 3,000 testimonies from youth and people who care about them that demonstrate the lifesaving impact of its programs.

What We Can Do

RISE TOGETHER effectively engages young people through education, awareness, and outreach. Since 2013, we've shared our knowledge and enthusiasm with communities all across the Midwest; speaking and listening to over 200,000 young people. Now that we have done the research, RISE TOGETHER is taking their efforts beyond the stage.

RISE TOGETHER’s youth research was featured by the ​Federal Bureau of Investigation​; with recommendations by U.S. senators, legislators, teachers, and thousands of students.

RISE TOGETHER’s life-saving work has been recognized by the ​White House​ Office of the National Drug Control Policy, and featured in countless news outlets such as Forbes, Huff Post, USA Today, NPR, PBS, NBC, ABC, CW14, FOX, and TEDx.



These interactive student seminars ignite a conversation around addiction and mental health. This peer approach really is designed to encourage students to RISE and take action.

Youth-Led Activities

Youth-Led Activities

Communities work TOGETHER to launch these student-driven efforts that create easy ways to share stories, build healthy habits and routines while educating young people on the science of addiction.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

We effectively engage youth long-term with our data supported programs like DISCOVERY CORPS and THE RAISE PROJECT which both use evidence based approaches to build up young people as coaches and ambassadors.

Take Action to Save Lives

Join the movement by becoming a part of RT Nation, sharing your story, taking the challenge, and signing the pledge to make a difference together.

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Our Supporters

We primarily work in Middle Schools and High Schools with students between the ages of 10-18 years old.

To effectively empower and engage youth, we work with state and local organizations that include public schools, businesses, prevention coalitions, police departments, hospital associations, foundations, and support from other key stakeholders such as families; all investing in the welfare and success of a school and it’s students.

We have a novel approach of peer leadership through Rise Together. For more information please email risetogether@weallrisetogether.com