On WXPR – Wisconsin Offers Program to Fight Drug Use in Schools

Two state agencies are offering a training program for school officials around the state to help students fight drug abuse. A survey completed during last school year by 3,000 students from 70 schools around Wisconsin shows 1 out of 2 students who have tried substances will continue using. Rise Together President Anthony Alvarado says the stress of social acceptance is a large factor in the drug epidemic.

 “Unfortunately because there’s not enough treatment options and not enough support for those that struggle with addiction, it is very likely to have some of the audience that we are infront of, or our youth generation, our next generation will end up dying from the disease of addiction because of the lack of support.”

Alvarado says the program is a screening process identifying the severity of the student’s abuse, followed by an intervention plan to help the student achieve a healthy lifestyle. Alvarado says the program will be put in place this fall.

For more information about key findings from the survey or the program, visit: wellrisetogether.org.

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