Outrage! Needles Found in Fritse Park

(full video here)

TOWN OF MENASHA, Wis – Town of Menasha Police say needles were found at Fritse Park near the Trestle Trail.

They have been recovered, but police warn people to be on the look out for more needles.

A family in Fritse park Sunday came across the drug paraphernalia which police say is not uncommon.

“I’m sure most of it probably due to the heroin issue,” says Officer Aaron Zemlock with the Menasha Police Department.

Zemlock says there can be dangerous consequences should a kid or anyone be stuck with a needle.

“They’re typically used needles and due to the fact that they have been used, there is the potential for multiple diseases, HIV, hepatitis,” says Zemlock.

If you encounter needles, do not pick them up. Report them to your local police department or parks department.

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