Rise Together Joins SAMHSA as a Recovery Month Planning Partner

Here I am, soaking up some vitamin D before heading home to Wisco and can’t help but to think about what an unbelievable few days it’s been in DC!! It’s been an honor and extremely humbling to become a #RecoveryMonth planning partner with SAMHSA – I learned about some pretty great things happening for the addiction recovery movement but I also learned that there’s so much more we can do.

After today I feel so empowered to continue to #speakout for change. The number of deaths we saw from the new report are not going down. This #epidemic isn’t getting any better. In fact, drug use is getting even worse with young people!!

Now, more than ever, we need you speaking out and sharing your story! Please, join me in continuing to make a difference so we can stop losing our friends & family members to the disease of addiction. Each and every one of you have a story and your story matters!!!

Much love to all of the amazing advocates & activists that I got to meet and hang out with. Until next time my friends:)

Also, thanks for the reminder @thesoberhipster 

Much love,

Nadine Machkovech
Program Manager
Rise Together

#risetogether#recovery#advocate & #activitsts#makeadifference

Check out SAMHSA Recovery Month Planning Partners (HERE)

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