I Am Not Alone

My name is Emily and I am from Beaver Dam. I have been struggling with self-harm for 3 years now and have tried things like marijuana. The first time I self-harmed, I never would have thought it would turn into what it has.

I just turned 16, and Rise Together has really helped me by showing us all how many people are actually living in recovery. When I see and read how people are beating their addictions, it makes me feel like I can too. It’s pretty amazing really.

You guys came to my school when I first started doing these things and I’ve been following you ever since. Because of you guys, I have decided that when I graduate high school that I want to become a counselor, work in a mental health unit, and help someone take their first step into recovery.

So I must thank the Rise Together community for opening my eyes and helping me to realize that I AM NOT ALONE and that there is a future, a better future that I can look forward to!

#RiseTogether #weallrisetogether #nomoresilence #endthestigma

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