Make Impact in Your Community on Giving Tuesday


Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, an opportunity to support the organizations that are most important to you. We hope you’ll consider donating to Rise Together. Our mission is to empower as many young people to break the silence around substance use and promote positive mental health. We need your support to continue providing our programs to young people through education, peer-wellness coaching, and ambassadorship.

3 Ways to Support on Giving Tuesday – (link above)
1. Volunteer/Donate on the website
2. Share this post to get the message out.

3. Start a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram


The challenges we have experienced throughout the past year are what most of the young people in our community feel every day. Your help is urgently needed.

Without you, the opportunity to provide free and reduced educational programming, coaching, and support wouldn’t be possible.

Consider all the possibilities and opportunities that your donation can provide the teens, educators, and the families that need it most. RISE TOGETHER youth ambassadors and mentors are more likely to prevent alcohol and substance misuse, positively impact their peers, discover a new career path, and accomplish their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Your gift will only help make more of a difference in the lives of young people throughout your community.

With gratitude,

Rise Together Team



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