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The Wait 21 Pledge Program encourages students to abstain from drugs and wait until 21 before considering drinking alcohol to helpreduce their risk for addiction by 90%. Students recommit themselves to this lifestyle 3x per year and receive a letter of recognition for inclusion with college applications and opportunities to win Wait 21 Scholarships for active participation.

The Wait 21 Pledge Program gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to living free from addictive substances. It also allows students to become positive role models through their participation, advocacy, and recruitment of others. Wait 21 provides students who successfully participate in the pledge program a letter of recognition that they can include as part of their college application, helping to demonstrate to colleges their commitment to this healthy lifestyle. Wait 21 participants will also be entered to win a variety of sponsored scholarships every year.


Pledge to WAIT until 21 before considering alcohol and abstain from drugs. Take 3 re-commitment surveys throughout the year to show your commitment.


Wait 21 will track your participation and provide you with an official letter of RECOGNITION that you can include with college applications, giving you an edge in the application process!


You will automatically be entered to WIN scholarships provided by our sponsors.

Ready to pledge? Don’t Wait (click here)





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