Music Is My Anti-Drug


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One thing is clear, music has given thousands of people an ability to share their voice; to be heard. Music grabs your attention, makes you move both inside & out. Music holds your heart and drives your soul. Music is there for you when times are good, when things are great, and even during those times of in between. Music is even there for you when times seem nearly impossible.

Music does not judge for it welcomes all listeners. Music encourages love. Music brings people together.

For many of us, if it wasn’t for music we don’t know where else we would be because without it we would be lost.

We say “Music is My Anti-Drug” for a reason. For us, music heals the soul & helps us feel complete.

We are proud to say that we don’t need to get messed up to have a good time because with music we are already “high” enough; why go any further?

By creating #MusicIsMyAntiDrug we are encouraging people all over the world to celebrate this little thing we all call music & in turn help the lives of those who are struggling.

We are inviting all musicians, from all different genres, from all over the world to share your story through your own music. By doing so, maybe we get a chance to hear about your struggles with addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, recovery, getting through a loss or even how you managed to get through a hard time.

We all have a story to tell. Let us hear yours.
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