FOX 11 Town Hall Round Table: Know Meth

(WLUK) — FOX 11 News is focusing on a growing problem in Northeast Wisconsin.


On the heels of the opioid epidemic comes another drug that is having a huge impact on our community, our state and our country: Meth.

FOX 11 hosted a special Town Hall Round Table Discussion: Know Meth, with host Robert Hornacek.

Meth has been around for decades but now, meth is reaching new heights.

“It’s highly addictive. It’s going to destroy a person’s life,” said Brown County Sheriff-elect and former drug task force agent Todd Delain. “Meth has a significant impact on every community it touches.”

During the special half hour program hear a variety of perspectives on meth from a panel that includes:

  • Anthony Alvarado, a former meth user who is now in long-term recovery and is president of the non-profit organization Rise Together
  • Tina Baeten, a substance abuse counselor and licensed clinical social worker who is both in private practice and with the Jackie Nitschke Treatment Center
  • Al Hunsader, a special agent with the Wisconsin Department of Justice who specializes in meth investigations
  • Kurt Heuer, is a former police chief and sheriff in central Wisconsin who is now the criminal justice liaison with the Marshfield Clinic

During the program, the panel will discuss what meth does to users, how it impacts the community and what is being done about the problem.

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, meth is a highly addictive stimulant. Some of the long-term effects of the drug include: extreme weight loss, severe dental problems, intense itching, skin sores, violent behavior and paranoia.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says some of the possible signs of meth use may include: problems with sleep, psychotic behaviors, mood swings, obsessive scratching and deteriorating skin and teeth.

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