Rise Together in The Huffington Post Bringing Prevention Back to Youth!

Rise Together 

Brings Drug Prevention Back to Youth 

President of #RiseTogethershares with The Huffington Post how he almost lost his life to the disease of addiction and how #recovery gave him his children back, his life back, which helped him to discover his life’s work. He goes on to say how important it is that we all work together to help save the lives of our youth.  90% of those who struggle with addiction today started  before the age of 18. Prevention education is key.

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Rise Together is making a measurable difference in the world. Since 2014, Rise Together has surveyed nearly 7,000 students across 47 counties in the state of Wisconsin, and have found that an overwhelming amount of young people are affected by significant trauma, large amounts of stress, substance use disorders, self-harm, suicidal tendencies, and other mental and behavioral health conditions.

Additionally, students have identified a need for more school prevention and intervention and education strategies to help combat the drug epidemic our country is facing.

Act now. Get involved. Prevention works. Save lives.

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