Elevate 920 Donates $7,500 to RISE TOGETHER

This March,  Elevate 920 held their first event in Neenah, Wisconsin. Presenters included Danielle Trochinski from AvaStrong Charity, Anthony Alvarado from Rise Together and Mary Parsons from LEAVEN Fox Cities.

All 3 charities did a great job with their presentations and in the end, their members selected Rise Together as this quarter’s recipient.

“It was already an honor to be selected to share Rise Together’s story at the very first Elevate 920 Event; alongside Avastrong and LEAVEN Fox Cities. Tonight’s “shark tank” like atmosphere for charities was exciting to be apart of. We all were able to connect and learn so much from each other. We have so many people doing amazing work right here in our own backyard! We can’t thank everyone enough for believing in our cause to empower young people in our local community. Your nomination, support, and donations will help us literally RAISE up the leaders today to create a greater tomorrow. Thank you Kevin for what you and the team are doing to make a difference for organizations like us and those we serve.” -Anthony Alvarado, President of Rise Together

Thank you to all of the people who continue to support this movement. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Many have asked about Elevate 920. The concept is pretty simple. Once per quarter, each of their members donates $100. Those individual donations are combined to form one massive donation.

Each quarter, their members can nominate their favorite charities. From those nominations, they choose 3 at random to present at the event. The 3 presenters get 5 minutes to tell their story. Once all 3 are done, their members vote and the charity with the most votes is awarded that quarter’s donation.

There are no requirements to join their group. Anyone who is looking to help make a difference in our community is eligible.


Their next event will be in June (date and time TBD). If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the group, please visit their website,www.elevate920.com.


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