Drugs, Addiction & Redemption: Anthony Alvarado And The Story Of Rise Together

Episode 5:
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  • [00:29] – Introduction to Anthony Alvarado of Rise Together and the contents of today’s episode.
  • [01:32] – Anthony’s description of Rise Together.
  • [02:15] – What’s the root of your passion?  “It’s realistic to say that over the last 2 years I’ve almost lost every single person that’s important to me…”
    • [03:20] – “We started with passion and purpose to help save the lives of our youth and we are still doing that today.”
    • [03:37] – Anthony is approaching 4 wonderful years of sobriety.
    • [03:52] – “At 24 I wanted to die.”  Anthony shares more about his past and present struggles.
    • [04:31] – The flaw in the system:  We live in a world where we don’t have a system of care that can appropriately address this social epidemic that we’re facing with addiction.”
    • [05:20] – Anthony’s kids, Gavyn and Jaedah, are on his mind when trying to positively change the world.
  • [05:52] – Take us back to the origin story of Rise Together and what was that tipping point to begin to make a change?  Anthony shares more from his past and acknowledges that asking for help has been a huge part of him getting past his struggles and growing as a parent and a business leader.
    • [08:46] – “In the grips of addiction you are pretty much blind to the reality of your situation.”  Anthony shares that he can now focus on the positives in life and that continuing to grow is critical for success.
  • [09:58] – How did you and Doug Darby (co-founder of Rise Together) get connected?  Anthony shares where he was emotionally when he first met his business partner, Doug Darby, and unknowingly began the journey that is Rise Together.
    • [13:20] – Anthony and Doug were a match made in heaven and became good friends.  It isn’t always wise to get into business with your friends but, they had the right mix of strengths and weaknesses.
  • [15:15] – What were some of the early struggles and the first steps you took?  Realizing it was possible, finding someone that could support you, and the message they worked to develop were the initial sparks that lit the fire.
    • [17:21] – Rise Together decided to speak to at risk groups and the youth to begin education and prevention.
    • [19:57] – “This is a a life message, this isn’t just about drugs or alcohol.”
  • [20:30] – A strong message that separates you from the “noise” is critical in business and building an brand that resonates.
  • [22:57] – Entrepreneurship is highly challenging and not for everyone.  You will have ups and you will have downs.
  • [24:06] – Making sure you are passionate about what you do and not chasing money and fame will ensure you can persevere through hard times.
  • [25:41] – Surround yourself with people that are better than you to grow.
  • [26:17] – What tactics do you use when you are having a bad day and need to reflect on the positive?  Resent your mind, meditate, go for a walk, spend time with the family, or reach out to peers to get their feedback.
    • [29:10] – “Start focusing on your positives.  You don’t always have to focus on your negatives.  Address them, recognize them, realize them, build up more positive perception around them, but focus on what you’re good at.”
  • [30:04] – What projects at Rise Together excite you the most?  “What excites me the most is that we are still here doing what we are doing…”
    • [31:36] – Student lead programs at universities to increase empathy will be a big addition on the horizon for Rise Together in 2017.
  • [32:46] – Several statistics on drug use from Anthony’s experiences.
  • [35:32] – How do you consciously nurture the community you have created with Rise Together?  The school speaking program, the social aspect, the use of mediums like podcasts, and the future addition of products like a student-testimonial book in the near future.
  • [38:37] – If someone listening to this wants to get involved and help fight drug abuse and promote recovery, what can they do?  First of all, we are facing a social epidemic so we need to acknowledge that we need to take action.
    • [40:15] – Head to WeAllRiseTogether.org and go to the Donate tab and the Take Action tab to engage with them in social media or via the street team.
  • [41:02] – What messages would you like to leave for our listeners?
    • [41:50] – “Don’t be afraid to be yourself.”
    • [42:27] – “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
    • [43:16] – Get back up after you struggle.
    • [44:26] – “It’s important to understand that this world isn’t only about you.”
  • [45:56] – Contact Anthony and Rise Together:  WeAllRiseTogether.org, weallrisetogether@gmail.com, or Facebook.

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