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In 5 short years, the Rise Together team has traveled over ​200,000+ miles​, taken the stage over ​400 times​, partnered with over ​150 schools, and educated more than 150,000 youth​. In fall of 2018, Rise Together obtained their nonprofit 501(c)3 status to expand their efforts to ignite a youth-led movement that is saving lives. Giving will provide a platform to engage individuals and community in creating a world where youth can be loved, heard, and inspired to live in hope.

This year Rise Together is working to lift up the voices of youth through its “Future is Youth” campaign. By harnessing the voices of one million youth, Rise Together will not only support youth in being heard but use their voices to develop new programs to meet their needs.

Will you join us in creating one of the largest cultural movements of hope?

“Our next generation, the youth, has the ability to make this world a more loving, kind, compassionate, and hopeful place. We need to keep helping to make a peaceful future for everyone. This is our solution and we hope you join.”
-Anthony Alvarado, President of RISE TOGETHER
Rise Together's 5 Year Celebration

Rise Together's 5 Year Celebration