Celebrating Recovery in Appleton

September is National Recovery Month and two foundations in Appleton are looking to bring awareness to those impacted by addiction.


According to the Wisconsin Department of Health, last year, more than 800 people in Wisconsin died from opioid-related overdoses and some of those faces are stitched on one of four Faces of Recovery and Addiction quilts.

Bev lost her daughter, Megan, to an overdose in 2015, and started the First Annual Recovery Celebration and Memorial Walk.

Bev along with the Lights of Hope celebrate those in recovery and those affected by addiction

“I truly want people to know that this [addiction] isn’t just impacting my family. We need to stop the silence, so that people can live and get the help that they need.”


The Faces of Recovery and Addiction quilts are covered in squares with four different colors.

The red squares are people who are struggling from addiction; the grey are people who are incarcerated; the white are people who are in recovery and the black are people who have lost their lives.

Last year there were close to 600 black squares on the quilts, this year there are more than 800. The black squares signify someone who has lost their lives to addiction.

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