Addicted to Music Pt. 5- “Music is My Anti-Drug”

Written by: Brian McCollom

Music is healing.

Music is eternal.

Music is universal.

Music is whole.

Music is MY Anti-drug.


All of the above statements are facts, but they are also philosophies to live by.  In my time I’ve done plenty of things that classify as mind or mood altering and have negatively effected my brain.  I used to be an addict in the hardest of ways.  But, today I have since gone on to regain confidence in my drumming, learn two forms of guitar and ukulele, teach myself chord progression piano playing and develop perfect pitch.  It’s fair to say that I’ve become addicted in a new way, “I’m addicted to music.”

I am addicted to music but it is helping keep me off the nasty stuff that funks up my life (see the punny joke I did there?).  Music has helped me in my darkest of times.  Music has become somewhat of an anti-drug for me, especially when a trigger arises I just turn on a nice acoustic song by my good pal Ed Sheeran or Chris Carrabba.  It seems there is something soothing about the acoustic dilations between music is my anti drug 2 music Addicted to Music Pt. 5- "Music is My Anti-Drug" music is my anti drug 2chords and melody based picking to lead into a powerful toned, and lyrical voice.  This is my anti-drug……

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