Rise Together is creating a movement of young people by encouraging students to stand up and speak out. We do this when we...


We primarily engage Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and other public settings by providing a variety of speaking engagements, special events, public panels, and workshops.



Helping people to RISE up & overcome the challenges they face

To create a community where are youth are HEARD, LOVED, and inspired to LIVE in HOPE

Is about being a face of recovery through ADVOCATING, EDUCATING, and bringing a VOICE to the voiceless



RISE TOGETHER....was founded in 2013 by nationally recognized advocates, Anthony Alvarado and Douglas Darby.

Our History
In three short years, their team has traveled over ​100,000 miles​, taken the stage over ​400 times​, and partnered with over ​150 schools​. They have been ​recognized as top national speakers​ by the National Safety Council, and recognized by the ​White House​ Office of the National Drug Control Policy. Because of drive and dedication, their work has been featured in over ​100 news media stories​, sited for their good work by the ​Federal Bureau of Investigation​, by U.S. senators, legislators, teachers, and thousands of students across the nation.



Mission Overview 
Today, this leading grassroots advocacy organization is led by a team of dedicated professionals, all of whom have diverse backgrounds, educations, professions, and skill sets. Our team is working hard today to reduce negative attitudes toward people with mental health and substance use disorders. We are doing this by being a face of recovery through advocating, educating, and bringing a voice back to the voiceless. With a vision to create a community where our youth are heard, loved, and inspired to live in hope.



Our Services

RISE TOGETHER provides a very strategic amount of services that not only bring value to students but also parents, businesses, and all parts of the community. Our services seek to create a long-lasting & positive culture.


Our Friends & Supporters



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