RISE TOGETHER....was founded in 2013 by nationally recognized advocates, Anthony Alvarado and Douglas Darby.


Our History
In 4 short years, our team has traveled over ​200,000+ miles​, taken the stage over ​400 times​, and partnered with over ​150 schools​. We have been ​recognized as top national speakers​ by the National Safety Council, and recognized by the ​White House​ Office of the National Drug Control Policy. Our work has been featured in over ​100 news media stories​ and our youth research has even been featured by the ​Federal Bureau of Investigation​. With recommendations by U.S. senators, legislators, teachers, and thousands of students across the nation; Rise Together aims to change the world!


"Rise Together is starting a youth-led movement through the power of HOPE"


Our Purpose
is to help people RISE up over the challenges they face; TOGETHER.




Our Vision
is to create a community where are youth are HEARD, LOVED, and inspired to LIVE in HOPE.


On a Mission
to create a movement of HOPE by empowering youth to speak out on the issues they care most about; BREAKING THE SILENCE around addiction and mental health.  Working TOGETHER to help save lives.





To learn more, contact us at 920.659.0747 or risetogether@weallrisetogether.com






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