1 Million Mohawks for Mental Health Challenge Sweeps Across the Nation

We, Rise Together, have partnered with The You Rock Foundation and Officially Announcing the

1 Million Mohawk Challenge!

The You Rock Foundation, an organization that spreads awareness about mental health by interviewing popular musicians as a catalyst for conversation, has launched the 1 Million Mohawk Challenge. The unique campaign aims to create awareness and conversation about mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention by using your hair to talk about the brain underneath it.

The 1 Million Mohawk Challenge will challenge people to shave, spike it up or dye a mohawk into their hair live on Facebook or Instagram or posting a photo. Additionally, the participants will take a pledge and make a statement as to why they are choosing to stand up against stigma and speak up for mental health.

The 1 Million Mohawk Challenge has already garnered support from…

Bands and musicians including the band Stone Sour, Brandon Novak from Jackass, Ryan Hampton, Shane Ramer from That Sober Guy Podcast, many across the nation, as well as from their partners 

  • Mental Health America
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • Helios Recovery
  • Spread Hope Like Fire

Watch the video below for more information on the event, directly from the You Rock Foundation.

With You Rock’s established connections within the music industry and rockstar community, sources predict this campaign could influence well over the projected one million people.

Join us to stand up against stigma and speak up for mental health




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